Celebration of White Stick Day at ONCIGE headquarters

On 25th October, the Equatorial Guinea National Organisation for the Blind, celebrated White Stick Day. The event was attended by Micaela Nchama, representing the First Lady, Constancia Mangue, and the director generals for Human Rights, People with a Disability, the Elderly, and Civil Society.

The ceremony began with words from the president of the organisation, Juan Rocoso Belope, who expressed words of welcome to all those present and highlighted the importance of this day, declaring that it is a day aimed at raising awareness regarding the safety and independence of people whoa re blind or have impaired sight.

Furthermore, he praised the support of the First Lady in all aspects of the ONCIGE: the sending of patients overseas, donations, etc. Finally he thanked Mangue de Obiang for her financial support for the celebration.

Following that, there was a presentation of various activities by the visually impaired.

Micaela Nchama read a message from the First Lady, sent to all those with a disability, in which she said that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea could not be on the margins of the celebration of this day, and for that reason it joins with all other nations in expressing support for and solidarity with all blind people.

The First Lady also praised the modern techniques, thanks to which the blind could read, walk unaccompanied, etc.

In addition, she asked for an deserved homage for those who have dedicated their efforts to improving the living conditions of the visually impaired.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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