Celebration of World Poverty Day in Congo Brazzaville

On Sunday 27th October, the Government of Congo Brazzaville celebrated World Poverty Day under the banner “Work together to give children and society the means to end hunger”. This event was overseen by the Minster for Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration, Ingrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka Babackas, and took place in the Auditorium at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, with various guests, the diplomatic corps, and some agencies from the United Nations System.

During speeches at the event, the UNDP resident representative in the Republic of Congo, Maleye Diop, highlighted the huge focal points of poverty always seen in cities. For that reason, and in the presence of the Minister for Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration, Maleye Diop read a message sent by the General Secretary, indication that communities and families were the key elements in the fight against poverty in the world. According to Antonio Guterres, Governments must adopt efficient mechanisms in order to eradicate this social phenomenon.

Furthermore, the minister Ingrid Olga, representing the Congolese Government, underlined in her speech some of the actions taken by the Government to fight poverty in the country. In addition, she stated that the concern of the current Government is the protection of the most vulnerable layers, and asked all national sectors to get involved in the fight against poverty in the Republic of Congo.

“Multi-dimensional poverty is what affects the African continent”, said the minister, who also provided figures on the level of poverty, revealing alarming numbers; it is for that reason that the Government is proposing the creation of new structures to strengthen the actions of the executive in its fight against poverty.

The United Nations declared World Poverty Day so that Governments of UN members took note of the poverty affecting each State and made provisions that could help to achieve the sustainable development goals, outlined by the United Nations Development Programme.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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