Celebration on Canaries of 50th Anniversary of Independence

A large part of the Equatoguinean colony residing in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria met on Sunday 21st October to celebrate the Day of National Independence.

The event began with words of welcome from the PDGE Coordinator in the Canaries, sister militant Maria Teresa Villareal EAinga, followed by a speech from the General Coordinator in Spain, Bonifacio Obiang Esono, who in addition to congratulating them all on the reception, said that “today is a day for reaffirming the peace, sovereignty and progress our country has seen since it gained independence on 12th October 1968, a day on which all Equatoguineans of good heart should feel happy and proud of the steps that our country took to free itself from centuries of colonisation which had us practically living in slavery”.

The coordinator also invited everyone to think coherently, to have love for one’s neighbour, and to above all continue to make Equatorial Guinea an example to follow, within and beyond our borders.

For her part, the Consul General on the Canaries Archipelago, Emerenciana Mangue Obiang Esidang, encouraged young people to follow the example of their elders, and make them see that they are the future of our country, the celebration of Equatorial Guinea as an independent country is in all our favours, despite any differences we may have as brothers”. The consul concluded her words by indicating that the PDGE is a party with a place for everyone.

The event concluded with a toast, a tasting of typical dishes from our country, a traditional dance by a group of young people, and the performance of the Equatoguinean singer Diestefano Obiang, better known as Diddy Es.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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