CEMAC plans to attract Japanese investment for integration projects

Delegations from member countries of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) taking part in the VII Tokyo International Conference on Development in Africa (TICAD7), held from 28th to 30th August in the city of Yokohama, examined an action plan in connection with the economy, society, and peace and security for the next two years.

CEMAC planned to place business at the centre of TICAD7, in order to private investment of over 20 thousand million dollars, the aim of which from the Japanese side is to contribute to an improvement in the business environment in Africa, in order to support economic transformation through the promotion of the Japanese private sector in Africa and innovation.

In addition, the plan involves the training of 140,000 people in order to diversify industry and create employment in the fields of agriculture and the blue economy, and support for female entrepreneurs with funds for their activities.

To achieve human security and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) were some of the other matters discussed at the conference, in which Japan will contribute towards the development of a resilient sustainable society on the continent, taking into account to improve the quality of life and economic growth requires greater access to primary health care, an improvement in child nutrition, and the saving of lives. In this area, the Japanese aims are to extend health security to three million people in Africa, to train 26,000 health workers, and to save 500,000 patients with AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. In addition, to provide quality education to three million children, to implement a plan for risk reduction against disasters in 20 African countries, and to guarantee sustainable urban development.

With respect to peace initiatives taken by Africa, Japan aims to support future initiatives for peace and stability as a prior requirement for growth, investment and an improvement in the quality of life through the New Focus on peace and Security, the vision of which is to develop institutions such as those in charge of electoral management and the administrative system.

In addition, Japan will provide security equipment, will create capacity through 15 training centres for peace-keeping operations, and will assist refugees and the internally displace, preventing the radicalisation of young people by supporting civil society and communities.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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