Chamber of Deputies suspends activities for 15 days

The decision of the Chamber of Deputies to suspend its meetings and activities for a period of 15 days was announced on Monday 16th March during the sessions. The decision came through a communiqué signed by the President of the institution, Gaudencio Mohaba Messu.

The communiqué specifies that the Table and the Board of Spokespersons from the Chamber of Deputies, meeting in a Special Extraordinary Session on Monday 16th March 2020, in relation to the serious situation created by the appearance and accelerated spread of the coronavirus pandemic throughout the world, and its unpredictable consequences for public health in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea;

-“Considering that Equatorial Guinea Basic Law, in article 13 subparagraph a), enshrines the right to life, the protection of which is a duty and responsibility calling for joint, coordinated, supportive action from all State institutions and the entire Equatoguinean society, without exception;

Receiving with great satisfaction the set of measures and preventive provisions adopted by the Government of the Nation, and the successive strategies set in motion by the Coronavirus Response Technical Committee in Equatorial Guinea, since the outset of the appearance of the pandemic, including successive recommendations from the Ministry for Health and Social Welfare and other ministerial departments involved in the Fight and Prevention of the pandemic in Equatorial Guinea.

Taking into account that both the aim and the ends of this Mobilisation Plan from the Government are a response to the need to protect, using all the means at its disposal, public health and the lives of the population in Equatorial Guinea;

As a consequence, through this Institutional Resolution;

1.- The Chamber of Deputies praises and expresses its full, solid support for the Government of the Nation for the early adoption of this set of proactive measures, in accordance with the circumstances and evolution of the Coronavirus pandemic in various countries throughout the world, understanding that it constitutes a real, undisputed threat to public health, with the serious risk of causing human loss and other collateral damage to humanity in general, and to the Population of Equatorial Guinea in particular.

2.- It is noted that, as a consequence of the effectiveness of these measures, a confirmed case of the coronavirus in the country has been detected in time, thus demonstrating the efficiency and transparency of the Government in the treatment and management of the crisis, thanks to the testing carried out in Equatorial Guinea, specifically at the Virology Laboratory in Baney, which received international acknowledgement expressed by the World health Organisation (WHO).

3.- In virtue of which, due to the political responsibility within the framework of its constitutional prerogatives and the Internal Regulations of the Institution, the Table and Board of Spokespersons of the Chamber of Deputies have decided on a cautionary suspension through this Resolution for a period of fifteen (15) days, all meetings and activities planned for this First Ordinary Period of Sessions, including appearances by members of the Government to give an account of matters in their charge.

4.- This cautionary period for meetings and activities may be extended, depending on the evolution of this serious pandemic.

5.- Consequently, the Table and Board of Spokespersons expresses its confidence in the success of the appropriate measures, and encourages the Government to maintain and intensify actions through the established Plan.

6.- Furthermore, during this period of cautionary suspension the Table and Board of Spokespersons will adopt the appropriate measures in order to guarantee the normal operations of the institution.

Finally, the Table and Board of Spokespersons of the Chamber of Deputies is sending out a rousing call and exhorts the population of Equatorial Guinea to, as in the past, once again show its recognised sense of responsibility and civic spirit, by fully complying with each and every one of the measures and strategies adopted by the Government of the Nation in order to combat all the collateral effects implied by the coronavirus pandemic.

Issued in Malabo. on 16th March 2020.

By the Table and Board of Spokespersons

The President”.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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