Chinese central television interviews Minister for Foreign Affairs

On 26th June Chinese central television interviewed the Equatoguinean Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simeon Oyono Esono Angue, who has been on an official visit to the People’s Republic of China since Sunday 23rd June.

Oyono Esono answered questions on cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and spoke about the framework of cooperation between the two countries. Following the celebration of the China-Africa Economic Forum, held in September last year, the two countries signed various agreements benefiting Equatorial Guinea, thus highlighting that the bilateral relations are very positive.

The minister also spoke on the Belt and Road initiative, adopted by the Chinese Government, pointing out that as it was an initiative that promoted not only development, but also direct foreign investment for the African continent in general, and for our country in particular, it will promote development that is capable of creating jobs for young people and for women, As we live in a globalised world, all countries should provide mutual support in order to be able to achieve the aspirations of each one; it is for that reason that Equatorial Guinea, under its Horizonte 2035 Action Plan, will continue to cooperate with the People’s Republic of China, not only in matters of infrastructure, education, health and agriculture, but also in other sectors such as culture and tourism, among others”.

With regards to cooperation between China and Equatorial Guinea, the minister pointed out that it is wide-ranging cooperation in many forms, and currently the two countries are working on the implementation of the eight measures that the Chinese President, H. E. Xi Jinping, set out within the framework of the latest China-Africa Summit, for the benefit of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, so that it may achieve the goals set out under the Horizonte 2035 development programme.

Our visit to China follows the framework of the strengthening of relations between my country and the People’s Republic of China, as the fifth Mixed Meeting on Cooperation between the two countries has taken place, with very positive results. Thanks to that, Equatorial Guinea is achieving new heights in its development”, concluded the minister.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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