Chinese President congratulates celebration of FOCAC Coordinators Meeting

The Chinese President, H. E. Xi Jinping, has sent a letter of congratulations marking the start of the Coordinators Meeting on the Implementation of Monitoring Actions for the Beijing Summit, within the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (FOCAC), which was held on 25th June in Beijing.

The President said that the FOCAC Summit, which took place in September last year, was a milestone in the history of Sino-African relations.

The leader affirmed that Chinese and African leaders had unanimously decided to boost synergy in the joint construction of the Belt and Route and Agenda 2063 from the African Union, together with the development strategies of African countries; to build together a Sino-African community with a shared future marked by joint responsibility, the cooperation of shared benefits, happiness for all, common cultural prosperity, joint security and harmonious coexistence, and the implementation of the eight main initiatives for cooperation between the two parties, which has outlined a fresh perspective for China-African relations on a higher level.

“I am pleased to see that China and the African side are working together to positively promote the implementation of the challenges obtained through the FOCAC Beijing Summit, which has already provided initial fruits and has created benefits for the peoples of both China and Africa”, he declared.

The world is going through profound changes which are unprecedented in the last century, and the emergence of developing countries has a powerful rhythm, he pointed out, and added that the collaboration and common development between China and Africa will make significant contributions to the strengthening of efforts in developing countries, the establishment of a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for humanity.

H. E. Xi Jinping declared his hope that the two parties could assume this meeting as an opportunity and defend the principles of consultation and collaboration for mutual benefit, strengthen communication ans synergy, deepen solidarity and cooperation, and make solid progress in the boosting of the implementation of the achievements of the FOCAC Beijing Summit and the joint construction of the Belt and Route, in order to constantly improve the welfare of 2,600 million people in China and Africa, and make incessant efforts to build a Sino-African community with an more solid shared future.

Source: Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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