CICTE declaration to Population on COVID-19 situation

Anacleto Olo Mibuy, President of the Scientific and Technological Research Council, sighed the Declaration from CICTE to the Population regarding the COVID-19 situation, dated 4th May. We are including the full contents of the document with this article.

The Scientific and Technological Research Council (CICTE), a State Body created by the Presidency of the Republic through Decree No. 7/1787, of 7th August, was set up to assist the Government in all questions related to Research, Science and Technology within the framework of an intervention policy based on development and the welfare of all inhabitants of our country;
Taking into account that the current crisis caused by the appearance of the Coronavirus, the evident consequences of which are having a considerable effect on Social Stability, Public Health and the global Economy in general;
taking into account that the pandemic is currently lacking a robust scientific response, with a result that the variety of information spread on social media and the interpretation by the general public does no more than disperse the efforts of the International Scientific Community, Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations seeking appropriate and scientifically demonstrated solutions;
Taking into account that the Government has designed an Action Plan based on the statistical data of the evolution of the Coronavirus in our Country and information on the latest Scientific Data on the Pandemic at a Regional and International level;
Despite the strategy of the International Scientific Community and the preventive measures made available by the Government of our Country;
Considering, however, that the population, far from the numerous preventive measures on a global level, lean desperately towards traditional and home remedies of dubious Scientific Rigour:
As a consequence, the Scientific and Technological Research Council (CICTE) is taking the responsibility to take steps through this Communiqué in order to call on the population of Equatorial Guinea thus:
ONE: To accept and fully support the rules established by the Government and other sources of Scientific providence, which tend to stop the spread of the current global crisis;
TWO: The Scientific and Technological Research Council (CICTE) reaffirms its commitment to act in favour of the Development of Science for the progressive, sustainable welfare of the population.
To do that, it is necessary to boost available actions for the establishment of a multidisciplinary Scientific Committee created within CICTE, whose mission is to provide a positive response to current challenges through an evaluation of our natural knowledge in order to enrich Our Pharmacopoeia in accordance with the circumstances of our Ecological environment.
The Scientific and Technological Research Council (CICTE) strongly praises the Government and congratulates the valuable work of the New Coronavirus Response and Vigilance Committee set up by the Ministry for Health with the perspective of seeking a definitive response capable of preventing the spread of the Coronavirus in Our Country.
Issued in Bata, on the thirtieth day of the month of April, 2020.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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