CIESPAC round table

The Inter-State Higher Education Centre for Public Health in Central Africa (CIESPAC) has organised a round table to mark the VI edition of “CIESPAC Thursdays”, with the fight against Chikungunya as its main topic. The event was overseen by the interim director general , Eric Landry Fouty.

The meeting was attended by specialists in Public Health matters, medical students, some members of diplomatic missions, and authorities from the Ministry for Public Health and Population from the Republic of Congo.

After hearing thanks from the interim director general of CIESPAC; Eric Landry Routy, there were three speeches featured at this round table.

The presenters explained details about the illness of Chikungunya. To do that, Sylvsin Honore Woromogo, an epidemiologist, presented the mode of transmission for the illness, while Jean-Medard Kankou spoke about the diagnosis and conduct when faced with a patient with the illness. Finally, the last presentation was by Dr. Rai Mankele, a doctor attached to the World Health Organisation (WHO), in its agency for Sub-Saharan Africa, with headquarters in Congo Brazzaville, who underlined the importance that Governments must place in the fight against epidemics.

The matter of public health should concern everyone; not only the Government but also the citizens”, declared the presidential adviser in Public Health matters, Yolanda Muoumbo, representing the Minister of the department.

Continuing with her speech, Yolanda Muoumbo underlined the efforts deployed by the Congolese Government in the fight against Chikungunya following the appearance of the epidemic in the country.

Chikungunya is a viral infection transmitted by the bite from an infected female mosquito. According to the WHO, the chief symptoms are the sudden appearance of a fever, accompanied by intense joint pain.

To date, there is no specific antivirus to treat it, and thus up to now the treatment consists mainly in relieving the symptoms, above all the joint pain, using analgesics and liquids.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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