Clarification regarding the wave of false claims by those opposing Equatorial Guinea

The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea (PDGE) has issued a communique which we are publishing here in full.

-Conscious that some international media outlets take notice of them, without even having to provide the very minimum of proof or evidence, some of the opponents of the Government of Equatorial Guinea have recently launched a series of false claims. In recent days we have witnessed lies about gun battles and beatings in the streets. On the contrary, the Government of Equatorial Guinea is working on a phase of national reunification that has already included two massive pardons.

Malabo, 31st October

Over recent days, a series of false articles on a supposed attempt to assassinate Salomon Abeso (CORED) in London, on 4th October, and a supposed beating received by Alfredo Okenve (CEIDGE) in Bata, on 27th October, are circulating on the Internet. The two organisations are accusing the authorities in Equatorial Guinea of being responsible for these attacks, without offering any proof or evidence in support.

Faced with these false claims, and unsurprisingly, the united government authorities, through the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, energetically deny any connection to these criminal acts which, in the case of being true, would be fully regrettable and reprehensible.

This formal denial is all the more evident if we take into account that, in July, the Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea committed, through the Table for National Dialogue, to a huge reunification effort for all citizens of our country, for the greater interests of the Nation. For that reason, and also in July, all those who had been imprisoned for political reasons were pardoned, in a huge amnesty that was celebrated throughout the world. Subsequently, on 10th October, a Presidential Pardon was issued (not related to the previous amnesty) for activists from the Citizens for Innovation (CI) party who remained in prison. These individuals had been condemned months before for carrying out serious acts of violence against members of the law enforcement agencies (specifically, they were beaten). Their sentences were thus not connected to their political activities. They were all set free a few days ago. The two pardons are proof of the work of internal pacification and the peaceful reunification of the living forces in our nation, which in recent months the Equatorial Guinea authorities are carrying out, and which is wholly incongruent with any type of attack against opponents.

Furthermore, it must be underlined that the news of the supposed attack on Alfredo Okenve was published by Asodegue, an institution with its headquarters in Spain, and financed by Spanish interests hostile to Equatorial Guinea. In its reports, Asodegue linked the attack to authorities in Equatorial Guinea, but at the same time prudently stated, “that the authors are still unknown”. We ask ourselves, how is it possible to accuse Equatorial Guinea authorities of an attack whose authors “are unknown”? Precisely because of its continuous incongruent publication of false information, Asodegue lost any credibility among the international media a long time ago.

Regarding the supposed serious attack in London, in which Salomon Abeso and his son were also the supposed victims, we can only be surprised that, after having shouted about this new State assassination attempt to the four winds, CORED did not report the incident to the English police. Because rightly, nobody, not even Scotland Yard, has been able to establish any link between this assassination attempt and Equatorial Guinea authorities, which shows that the accusations made by Abeso are not to be trusted.

For those who are unfamiliar with all these “opponents” that have recently been at the centre of this “wave” of false accusations, which even reach some international media outlets, we must remember the truth about these supposed opposition parties; for example, the CORED-PP of Severo Moto and the CORED of Salomon Abeso, two supposed opponents who for years have been stirring and trying to take power in Equatorial Guinea through bizarre State coups, instead of democratically standing in elections. They have voluntarily chosen the path of exile in other countries, in order to take full advantage of subsidies they obtain from foreign sponsors: Severo Moto in Spain, and Salomon Abeso in France.

To serve foreign interests in order to weaken the country is a very strange concept of politics, which is also wholly colonialist. It is for that reason that the citizens of Equatorial Guinea do not want them, and will never want them, due to the many farces and “crime waves” that they continually invent for the benefit of the media.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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