Closure of VII CPLP Parliamentary Assembly

The VII Parliamentary Assembly of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (AP-CPLP), in which the acting President of the Lower Chamber of the National Parliament, Gaudencio Mohaba Mesu had taken part, came to a close.

Following the speech from the representative of the Parliament of Guinea Bissau, the representative from the Equatoguinean delegation, Gaudencio Mohaba Mesu, spoke, and passed on warm greetings from Equatorial Guinea to all the members of the CPLP.

Furthermore, Mohaba Mesu expressed his pride in belonging to this community in which Equatorial Guinea is learning values and is also providing its own for the benefit of the organisation. Once again, he reiterated the commitment of our country to continue to comply with what was agreed at the time of joining.

He also praised the presence of a delegation of observers from the CPLP in the recent legislative and municipal elections, where they noted civility, transparency and mass participation, together with respect for international procedures.

In addition, he told member States that the process of democratisation in Equatorial Guinea, and the maintenance of peace and stability in the country, is one of the main priorities.

Finally, Mohaba Mesu requested support in order that the CPLP organises technical courses in Portuguese for the benefit of parliamentarians and technicians from both chambers in the country.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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