CNTTDT Meeting on the Tender for the Supervision of the Analogue Television Project

The National Commission for the Transmission of Terrestrial Digital Television (CNTTDT) met on Thursday, 12th July to address the two points which made up the agenda regarding the tender for the suspension of the project for analogue to digital terrestrial (DTTV) television in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

The commission addressed the comprehensive audit on the current scope of the project, in addition to the supervision and certification of this project, which comprised the agenda of the meeting.

In order to carry out this project, the government signed a contract with the company, Wayang Teknical, on 29th September 2017 to implement DTTV in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea over a three-year implementation period starting from the signature of the contract.

Subsequent to a primary verification of the work carried out by the technical subcommittee of the National Commission for the Transmission of Terrestrial Digital Television (CNTTDT), some faults were established in the realisation of the project, and due to this, the National Commission deemed necessary the hiring of some independent monitoring services, which can take control and track the whole of the project.

According to what was deduced from the meeting concerning the classification of the project, the technical subcommittee in charge of evaluating tender bids for DDTV, and headed by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications, met with several national and international companies that operate in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea telecommunications sector, in order for them to present the task of the CNTTDT in regards to such project.

And for the proper evaluation of the company’s proposals, the subcommittee designed a series of requisites of which their criteria was established by the national commission for the transition of DDTV, and were subject for debate in the meeting.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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