Collaboration meeting in the aviation sector

The Director General of the CEIBA airline, Bienvenido Esono Engonga, received on Wednesday, February 18, at his office at the company’s headquarters in Malabo the Ambassador of Cuba in Equatorial Guinea, Pedro Doña Santana, for talks on cooperation between Cuba and Equatorial Guinea in the aviation sector.

The Ambassador of Cuba, Pedro Doña Santana, also delivered to the Director General of CEIBA, Bienvenido Esono Engonga, a letter of invitation so that a company delegation may attend in Cuba a training course organized by the Caribbean country in collaboration with ICAO and other civil aviation bodies.

These agreements discussed by both parties will allow aid in personnel training offered by Cuba, advice and the possibility that the Equatorial Guinean company fly to the Caribbean country for commercial purposes, transporting passengers and cargo.

To that end, the Head of the Cuban diplomats in Malabo was received by the Director General of CEIBA, who expressed a strong interest in starting and strengthening a collaboration with companies of the Cuban Aviation Corporation S.A. (Cacsa) and the Civil Aeronautics Institute of Cuba (IACC).

Speaking to the press, Pedro Doña Santana detailed that Cuba and Equatorial Guinea are also working on a bilateral collaboration between the Cuban Institute of Civil Aeronautics and the Equatorial Guinean airline CEIBA.

According to the Ambassador, in the near future a Cuban delegation from the aviation sector will visit our country to begin talks in order to find a possible collaboration between both parties.

-“We hope that our negotiations conclude with the signing of an agreement, since CEIBA has the necessary conditions to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Cuba is open and we want the first flight of CEIBA in the American continent to travel to our country,” concluded the Ambassador.

Text and photos: Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene (D. G. Base Internet)

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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