Commemoration of centenary of end of World War I

On Friday 9th November, the German Federal Republic Embassy in Malabo marked the centenary of the end of the First World War, paying homage to the monument located in Santa Maria II, erected in 1918 in a military cemetery, which remembers the suffering and sacrifice of the human beings who went from being soldiers to pioneers in a developing world.

The events took place at Santa Maria II, with the participation of various figures, led by the German Ambassador, Elmar Jakobs, and accompanied by the Mayoress of Malabo and the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, among other guests.

The Mayoress of Malabo opened the ceremony with words of welcome, expressing her great admiration and recognition of the monument, while committing to its preservation. Following that, it was the turn of the German Ambassador, Elmar Jakobs, who contextualised World War I and the history of Germans, together with the importance of that day.

In addition to the participation of various figures during the celebration, a highlight was the speech by the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, who underlined the long road travelled in the pursuit of peace.

Finally, and after speeches from the Bishop of Malabo in memory of the soldiers, there was a laying of flowers on the monument by representatives from the various embassies and figures, such as the mayoress of Malabo, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the embassies of Spain, France, Turkey,and the United, Kingdom, among others.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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