Communique by the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea following the report by the Attorney General on the authors of the attempted terrorist and mercenary coup against our State

Malabo, 12th March 2018. Based on the report that the State Attorney General of Equatorial Guinea’s Office has issued with details of the events and people implicated in the attempted terrorist and mercenary coup attempt against our country, and the assassination attempt against our President, which took place in December 2017, the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea wishes to make the following statements:

1.- The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, after becoming aware of the information issued by the Attorney General, expresses its total repulsion of these malicious plans of destabilisation and aggression against our Nation and against our President, and fully condemns the organisers and participants in the deeds.

2.- The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, after discovering the involvement of specific people who took part in this coup attempt from the Republic of France, is requesting the collaboration of the French Government and institutions, in order to fully clarify the facts, and to proceed with the search for and capture of those who took part; in particular the French subject DOMINIQUE CALACE DE FERLUC, whose proof of involvement is in the possession of the State Attorney General.

The Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea will have to bring the facts before International Institutions, such as the International Court of Justice in The Hague, the United Nations, the African Union and others, in order to hold the authors, participants and accomplices to account for carrying out and promoting acts of international mercenary terrorism in order to destabilise a Sovereign Independent State, and against the Peace and Stability of Equatorial Guinea.

3.- The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea is issuing to the authors and participants in this terrorist and mercenary coup attempt the following warning, that the weight of justice will fall on the heads of all those; both those who are already detained and those who are being sought or hidden in other countries. As has been shown up to now, the State security forces, together with a vast network of countries who are friends of Equatorial Guinea, work together and will not stop until they have all been arrested.

4.- The Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea reiterates congratulations for the Armed and State Security Forces from our Country, together with the Attorney General’s Office and judicial institutions in general, for the hard but successful work in the detection and prevention of this terrorist and mercenary coup attempt. An attempt that could have led to a state of internal confrontation, with the subsequent chapters of chaos, war and death in our country. We extend these congratulations to the Security Forces from the Republic of Cameroon, who raised the alarm regarding the preparation of these deeds.

5.- Once again, we are demonstrating our complete willingness to work with the judicial institutions of Equatorial Guinea and friendly states who value Peace, in order to continue to denounce any situation connected to this matter.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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