Communique from Bioko Chamber of Commerce on non-collecting services at ports and airports

The Bioko Chamber of Commerce, Agricultural and Forests has issued a communique to clarify the Order from the Presidency of the Government, of 2nd February 2017, which cancels some non-collecting services in ports and airports on national territory. We include here the full text of the communique.

As a result of the Order from the Presidency of the Government of 2nd February 2017, cancelling in ports and airports on national territory some non-collecting services, and with a view to the contents of the Order from the Presidency of the Government, recognising that at airport posts and other border posts illegal charges are being made to companies and private individuals for these services, the order excludes those services which must not be carried out at these posts.

In accordance with the Statute of the Official Chambers of Commerce in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, in article 1, which sets out that the Official Chambers in Equatorial Guinea are Corporations of a public nature with their own legal personality and full capacity to work towards compliance of their ends, and are set up as consultative Bodies in collaboration with the Government, without neglecting the private interests they may pursue, and in article 6 of the same Statute, relating to the defence of the general interest of the economic sectors they represent.

By the Chamber of Commerce for the Insular Region and from this date, all entrepreneurs, traders, Economic Operators and individuals are reminded of the exception they have to not pay for any of the services covered by the aforementioned Order, the list of which we are stating once again:

1. Veterinary Services (food products)

2. Declarant Declaration Agencies

3. Forwarding authorisation (sending container to the consignee)

4. AF services. Catering (custody of containers)

5. Port Services (services with or without dockers) and the opening of padlocks on the containers

6. National Police

7. Canine Brigade

8. Fiscal Police

9. Security (independent from the National Police)

10. Ministry for Health and

11. Ministry for Fishing (verification of fishing products)

And, for any non-compliance, they must report to the respective Chamber of Commerce for the Corresponding Region. A Commission has been appointed to oversee full compliance with the Order.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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