Communique from Government of Equatorial Guinea

The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea has issued a communique, the contents of which we are publishing here in full.

Equatorial Guinea has just celebrated 40 years of peace, prosperity and healthy national coexistence.

The Government of Equatorial Guinea is responding to the article published by Amnesty International on 2nd August this year. To that effect, the Government of Equatorial Guinea points out that the freedom Coup of 3rd August 1979 happily changed the course of history in our country.

A wind of freedom and, above all, hope, blew through all cities, in all the villages and in all homes, spreading the hope for a new life to all groups within the population, who had only known terror, intimidation and humiliation; for them, freedom continued to be an impossible dream.

After the liberation of the people and the country, the immediate aim was the moral and mental reconstruction of the Equatoguineans in order to shape a new mentality and greater confidence that had been sleeping within each of them.

In the medium term, the established aim was to achieve the reconstruction of the country. To do that, it was necessary to forge a new Equatoguinean, through the re-establishment of his morale and renewed confidence, which would allow the planning of the socio-economic development of the country.

Following the reconstruction and strengthening phase for the citizens, both mental and moral, we began the construction of our country in a successful, speedy manner.

The reconstruction of the human capital necessary to achieve our socio-economic development required a lot of time, teaching and sacrifices.

President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has masterfully steered the various stages to be taken into account in order to achieve the emergence of our country and the well-being of our population, through a coherent, harmonious, participative focus. This is the merit of this Giant of immeasurable size, a merit recognised beyond our borders and our continent.

Thus, after joining the Franco CFA, the holding of national economic conferences allowed us to smooth the way for the sustainable development of our nation.

The II National Economic Conference, with the adoption and implementation of the National Development Plan Horizonte 2020, was decisive in this focus on the profound transformation of Equatorial Guinea, as was the training of the human capital necessary to support this development.

Numerous modern buildings in all districts of national territory have radically changed the image of the country. The current general availability of an electricity and drinking water supply has changed the daily lives in the homes of Equatoguineans.

Social projects to strengthen the human capital have multiplied with the construction and operation of schools, training and education institutes and universities, and also the construction of highly equipped hospitals and health centres, in addition to social housing developments that have spread to every District in the country, with the construction of new residential areas; all in line with rigorous planning.

In particular, we cite the construction of the urban districts, a true revolution in the territorial and administrative planning of our country.

The infrastructures sector has also witnessed a true revolution, with the construction of modern motorways, numerous bridges, port installations and airports that respond to the highest standards of quality, and we continue to build…

All these achievements have been due to the establishment of a climate of peace, respect for human rights, through the unequivocal and successful search for a progressively more solid national cohesion, thanks to the vision and, above all, the unswerving determination of our leader, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Peace, cohesion and national security, together with a sense of a job well done, within the framework of participative, peaceful democracy, have become the daily invitation that President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo extends to all Equatoguineans.

The solid foundations of our young nation have also been recognised among the nations of this globalised world, where our place, the place of this modern Equatorial Guinea, is recognised, magnified and even envied.

Our country has the headquarters of the CEMAC parliament, in addition to having held various Summits of Heads of State at a global and continental level.

Our country also plays a recognised, valued role in prestigious international organisations such as OPECD, the Parliamentary Assembly for French-speaking or the CPLP.

In the United Nations, our country is remembered for the Presidency of the United nations Security Council at the beginning of this year, a Presidency that culminated with a trip by President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, so that the voice of this Great Sage was heard by the august Council.

The Government underlines the extent of our solidarity when responding to various catastrophes on our continent, such as financial support for the WHO during the terrible outbreak of the Ebola virus, and the FAO, in order to address the urgent needs in food security in some countries on our continent, together with so many other humanitarian support efforts carried out in other parts of the world.

To these substantial actions, recognised and appreciated on a global level, we must add the UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea Prize, which is a matter of pride for researchers in countries of the South.

Today we are looking to the future, with a multitude of resources in our reach.

We have successfully celebrated our III National Economic Conference, and this has resulted in our National Economic and Social Development Plan to 2035.

The Government continues to work with determination and intelligence in order to implement our Development Plan, for the benefit of our valiant people.

It is an imperative that we continue with this culture of peace, and we must strengthen every day our national cohesion in a climate of security; the only guarantee for our sustainable development. It is precisely the essence and the fight that President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has been releasing with determination since the beginning.

United in the same fervour, all Equatoguineans have the duty to support him and stand by him in this road towards success.

We point out that the fact that Amnesty International publishes headlines such as:

Equatorial Guinea: 40 years of repression and the rule of fear, highlight the human rights crisis.

Those in Equatorial Guinea who turn 40 this year were born and grew up in a country in which human rights have been constantly and systematically violated. The people have spent too long in a climate of terror caused by the impunity for Human Rights abuses and violations.

Prisoners tortured, hung upside down by their feet.

Extra-judicial executions.

For decades, the repression of dissidence exercised by President Nguema has had a devastating, chilling effect on the defenders of human rights, journalists and political activists.

And as many other headlines as they could come up with, all under the signature, the financing and direction of Mr, George Soros and his foundation The Open Society Institute, who we describe as a criminal. It is known that George Soros is a multi-millionaire magnate, financial speculator and criminal, with evident geostrategic and imperialist interests, who has dedicated his life to supporting imperialist movements and expanding capitalism by spilling the blood of innumerable countries for many decades.

We notify the national and international public opinion that we will not be hoodwinked or confused if philanthropic actions financed by this gentleman and his foundation appear. We must be clear that Soros is indifferent about whether he finances civil rights movements or criminal movements, whether through peaceful or violent means, in order to achieve the destruction of entire societies and nations.

There are examples to spare, and we cannot and should not forget that George Soros played a key role in the counter-revolutionary and anti-communist processes in Eastern Europe, particularly between 1984 and 1989, backing for example the anti-communist union movement Solidarity in Poland, or supporting Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia, in addition to the Arab Spring.

Today the world is a witness to the situation in countries such as Libya and others.

We know that Soros gave instructions on how to undermine the protests in Albania in 2011, Recently, Soros has admitted to having financed the leaders of the State Coup in Ukraine in 2014, with all the atrocities that it involved. Soros has played a part in the defeat of the former President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, and is not unconnected to the war in Syria.

The list of the destructive interventions by Soros in various countries in interminable, All so it is known who George Soros is, how he works and what he is working for, with the constant aim of extending his negative influence at the cost of financing destabilising movements in various countries around the world. If terrorism and Jihadism must be financed in order to do this, then he finances them. For him, attacks carried out by terrorists and Jihadists, however brutal, are not important. The important thing is that he carries out his objectives of destruction and accumulates more wealth.

Equatorial Guinea, united as a single man to back the Head of State, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, will continue to fight to maintain peace, social equilibrium, national cohesion and social order, a healthy guardian of rights and equality; demonstrating that the sons of this nations cannot be positioned and moved like pieces in a global chess game being played by the criminal George Soros.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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