Communique from Minister for Finance and Budgets

The Minister for Finance and Budgets, Miguel Engonga Obiang Eyang, has issued a communique to the press on the meeting of the National Credit Council of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, at an ordinary session of 5th December. It contains the activities programmed by the body for 2018, among other issues. The full text of the communique is attached.

The National Credit Council of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea met in ordinary session on 5th December 2017, in the Boardroom of the Bank of Central African States in Malabo II, under the Presidency of Miguel Engonga Obiang Eyang, Minister for Finance and Budgets.

The First Deputy to the BEAC National Director, Genoveva Andeme Obiang, presented the six points on the agenda. Following the adoption of the agenda and approval of the minutes fro, the meeting of 7th July 2017, the National Credit Council looked at the recommendations from the previous session mentioned above.

After that, the National Credit Council received reports on activities carried out by the Professional Association of Credit Institutions in Equatorial Guinea (APEC-GE).

Following that, and after the presentation of the activities planned by the body for the coming year, the National Credit Council adopted the draft budget presented for 2018. Then, the National Credit Council closely followed the presentation of a report on the effective Global rates corresponding to the first six months of 2017, and the usury ceiling applicable for the second six months of 2017, carried out by the Secretary of the body.

In any other business, the National Credit Council received reports on the draft decree to reorganise the operations of the body, the report on activities corresponding to 2016, and the national and international economic, monetary and financial situation.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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