Composition of the structure of Remapsen Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea has recently joined the African Press Network for Health and Environment Promotion, Remapsen, through the Network of Journalists United in the Fight against HIV-AIDS in Equatorial Guinea.

The meeting on 17th December to create the Remapsen structure in Equatorial Guinea was led by Remapsen Coordinator and President of the Network of Journalists United in the Fight against HIV-AIDS, Clemente Ela Ondo Onguene, together with his deputy, Natividad Maye Santos.

In addition to the appointment of members of the network, the Remapsen National Coordinator also told the meeting about the process of Equatorial Guinea’s accession to the African Press Network for the Promotion of Health and Environment, which took place through a process of evolution of the work carried out.

During the meeting, information was also provided on the functioning of Remapsen, the programming of activities for 2023, and the presentation of the departments involved, such as health and the environment, and international organisations accredited in Equatorial Guinea.

Following the vote, the structure of Remapsen Equatorial Guinea is now made up of 13 members, including the Coordinator and his Deputy, the focal point for radio and audiovisual media, the focal point for health, the focal point for the environment, the focal point for digital press, the focal point for public relations and his deputy, and the focal point for cultural promotion.

The vision of the African Press Network for Health Promotion and Climate Change is that every African has the right to accurate information in the fields of health and the environment. Within the context of the fight against pandemics in Africa, the role of the media is more than crucial when ensuring good communication on prevention and care issues.

Created 20 years ago and recognised at the level of African institutions for health and the environment, Remapsen’s role is to ensure good communication on health and environmental issues.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government

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