Conclusion of XI Extraordinary Session of African Union Heads of State and Governments

On the afternoon of Sunday 18th November, in Addis Abeba, the Eleventh Extraordinary Session of African Union Heads of State and Government came to a close.

The republic of Equatorial Guinea took part in the meeting with a delegation led by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simeon Oyono Esono.

During the session, they covered questions on the adoption of decisions with the new contribution thresholds; the sanctions regime, and the decision project on negotiations following the Cotonou Agreement.

During the summit they also debated the reform of the African Union, for its operation independent of foreign donations, and the reduction in bureaucracy, “with the aim of strengthening Africa, for a better future”, asserted the current acting President of the AU, H. E. Paul Kagame, during his opening speech on the work.

The Pan-African body is launching deep reforms in order to achieve financial autonomy, taking the decision to impose a 0.2% tax on imports. If this decision is implemented, the AU could cover 100% of its operating costs, 70% of its budget programme, and 25% of peace-keeping operations. Currently around 60% of the total AU budget is financed by foreign donations.

During the summit, they also looked at reforms to the African Union Commission, and the process of selection for Commissioners.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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