Conclusions of study of Draft General Law on Road Transport

Following several days of intense work, the members of the Permanent Commission on Infrastructures, Communications, Transport and new Technologies, moderated by the senator Demetrio Elo Ndong Nsefumu, concluded the study of the Draft General Law on Road Transport.

The commission concluded the work of the study of the draft law, analysing a presentation of the reasons put by the Ad Hoc Commission, that indicated that the greater part of mobility in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea takes place by road. This reality places operating conditions in accordance with modernisation and improvements to the road network, and thus the regulation of the road transport sector in our country is necessary for the development of communication. In that sense, the Government has seen the need to introduce greater dynamism into the sector, with the adoption of a regulatory framework in order to strengthen the relations between transport companies and users, and the conditions governing access.

The commissioners also amended articles 10 to 17 of the draft law, which refer to the creation of the National Transport Committee as a consultation body in order to facilitate the public authority of the various departments and administrations related to the national transport system, covered in chapter three of the document.

Article 26 from chapter four was also modified slightly, through the elimination of certain terms that already appeared in article four, while article 56 awaits consultation with the Government, as it brings together all types of regulated authorisations from previous articles.

Regarding those aspects raising doubts during the study of this draft law, the members of the commission agrees to consent to the appearance of the Government Delegation, in order to clarify the concerns of the Senators with respect to this draft law, and furthermore to answer questions they will submit to the Government.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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