Condolences at Embassy in Ivory Coast on death of Mba Nguema

Following the report of the death of Antonio Mba Nguema Mikue, Captain General of the Armed Forces and Minister of State for Presidential Security, the Equatorial Guinea Embassy in Ivory Coast opened a book of condolences on 8th May to honour the memory of this eminent figure.

The ambassadors, heads of diplomatic missions, directors of institutions, traditional chiefs and friends of the embassy went to sign the book of condolences at the headquarters of the mission.

The book of condolences was opened by Cirilo Ondo Eyang, First Secretary, in his capacity as Head of Business.

The Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Ivory Coast, Bernardino Mba Ondo Mikue, took part personally in the funeral rites that took place in Mongomo.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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