Conference of Chancellors from Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa closes

The work of the ninth Conference of Chancellors from Francophone Sub-Saharan Africa was brought to a close on 30th June by the Minister General Secretary from the Presidency of the Republic, Jean-Baptista Ondaye.

In the presence of various guests and the accredited diplomatic corps in Congo Brazzaville, the ceremony began with the final synthesis report on the work carried out during the conference, read by Serge Eugene Ghoma Boubanga, chancellor and technical director of the orders in the Republic of Congo, who asked for the support and vote in favour of Equatorial Guinea so that this friendly, brother country could form part of the organisation.

Norbet Okiokoutina, in his capacity as president of the ninth edition of the conference, passed on the presidency to his counterpart from the Republic of Senegal.

Jean-Baptista Ondaye highlighted in his closing speech the importance given by his Government to decorations awarded for work and effort carried out by some citizens and expatriates for the benefit of the country, and pointed out that the work will help to improve the operation and unification of criteria so that member countries control the decorations they have awarded to certain figures.

The delegation led by the Chancellor of National Orders from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Daniel Nkogo Nkogo, seconded by the Equatorial Guinea Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador, Samuel Ateba Owono, praised the work carried out by the organising commission.

As this was the first time our country has taken part in the gathering, it is hoped that the Republic of Equatorial Guinea will be able to join the institution, as a member, at the next conference that will take place in Senegal in 2021.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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