Conferences on World Day against HIV/AIDS

“My health, my right” was the slogan chosen this year to mark World HIV/AIDS Day in Equatorial Guinea. Within the framework of activities organised by UNAIDS, there were cycles of conferences which began on the afternoon of Thursday 30th November, at the headquarters of the United Nations in Malabo II.

The aim to eradicate the pandemic of HIV/AIDS from the world by 2030 was the main theme chosen for this year.

A cycle of conferences organised by UNAIDS took place at the headquarters of the United Nations, which were attended by the Representative from UNAIDS in Equatorial Guinea, Jeanne Seck; the Presidential Adviser in Health Matters, Doctor Justino Obama; the State Lawyer, Sergio Abeso Tomo; the Ambassador from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Daniel Cartaya Laya; the Ambassador from Ivory Coast, Fatima Toure, and the Ambassador from Cameroon, Lazare Mpouel Bala.

The presentations covered mechanisms in the fight against the illness. For example, the Presidential Adviser from the Ministry for Health spoke about Government efforts against the virus and the creation of a State Council to fight against the illness, led by the President of the Republic, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, together with the free distribution of medicines to those infected with the illness, among other matters.

Sergio Abeso Tomo recalled that there are laws in our country which cover those infected by the virus, There is a National Council to Fight HIV/AIDS, overseen by the Head of State. Those infected have full rights, including the right to intimacy, and medical staff are not permitted to reveal whether patients are HIV positive or not. The law also condemns those who deliberately infect others”.

For his part, the Ambassador from Cameroon reported on the measures adopted by his country, as did the other diplomats who spoke at the conference.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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