Congratulations for PDGE militants from President Founder

To mark the success of the VI PDGE Ordinary National Congress, held from 4th to 6th July, the Head of State and President Founder of the party, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, has sent a message of congratulations to all the militancy, which we are publishing here in full and attaching to this news item.

Message of Congratulations to all militants and sympathisers of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea

Sister and Brother Militants:

Following the happy development and successful outcome of the work at the VI Ordinary National Congress of or Great Mass Movement, it gives me particular satisfaction to address all our Militants and Sympathisers inside and outside the Country, to thank them sincerely and express warm Congratulations to all, for the high level of civility, enthusiasm and patriotic and nationalistic fervour that you demonstrated during the deliberations of this historic Congress for our Party, held under the banner “FOR CONTINUOUS RENEWAL”, at a decisive moment in the political, economic and socio-cultural evolution of Equatorial Guinea, marked by the efforts we must deploy in our common, continuous and supportive struggle, in order to consolidate the Peace, Stability, Democracy, National Independence and Sovereignty of our Country.

To do that, and in My capacity as President Founder of the PDGE, I felt deeply encouraged, moved and emotional at the grand displays of recognition, esteem and trust that each and every one showed towards My Person, and the rising, dynamic path of the PDGE, and also for Your determination and firmness in continuing to further strengthen the individual and collective contribution which allows us to face together the current and future challenges before us on the long, hard road that we have set out on together to promote the development and prosperity of all the People of Equatorial Guinea, matching the trust placed in the actions of our Party, a pioneer in democratic restoration and the strengthening of the value of dialogue, agreement, and national harmony, within the framework of our vision and philosophy of the Democratic Trial.

Finally, and as a testament to this recognition, I hope that My gratitude and congratulations contained in this Message is passed on to the Central Bodies, the Executive, Peripheries, Grassroots, Regional Cells Abroad, Specialist Women’s Organisations, ANTORCHA and ASHO Youth Federations, the Workers’ Organisation and, in general, to all Militants and Sympathisers of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea.

I offer my most ardent Prayers for Almighty God to bless and protect the People of Equatorial Guinea.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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