Constancia Mangue attends charity gala on Day of African Child

The Association of Diplomatic Ladies from Equatorial Guinea and UNICEF organised a charity gala in Malabo, to mark the Day of the African Child.

The First Lady, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, as National President of the Commission for Children’s Rights, attended the event, which aimed to raise funds to help needy children and promote artistic expression in young people, declared Rita Constant, President of the Association of Diplomatic Ladies.

The theme this year is “Humanitarian action in Africa, the rights of the child first”, recalled Antero Almeida de Pina, UNICEF Representative in Equatorial Guinea, and highlighted the fact that the agency had a mandate to support governments with the commemoration of this event on a continental level, in association with the African Union (AU).

In her words, the First Lady thanked UNICEF for its support for the programmes being implemented in Equatorial Guinea in favour of children, and also expressed her deep concern regarding the increase in juvenile delinquency seen recently, and asked for the collaboration of parents and tutors in backing the efforts of the Government in order to guarantee peace and stability in Equatorial Guinea, an essential condition in order to ensure the rights that children must enjoy in Equatoguinean society.

Together with the raising of money, the gala featured theatre and musical performances by artists such as Nelida Karr, who was appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Equatorial Guinea; Negro Bey, with numbers such as “Ayewua”, and Daniel, the little genius of music from Equatorial Guinea.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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