Constancia Mangue congratulates four Olympic athletes from Abu Dhabi 2019

On 4th April the First Lady congratulated the special Olympics champions from the Sampaka Psychiatric Centre. The four young athletes took part in the Special Olympic Games in Abu Dhabi 2019, in March.

The four Equatoguinean athletes went to the People’s Palace in Malabo, to greet and present to Constancia Mangue de Obiang the medals they won in the competitions held in Dubai from 10th to 21st March.

The four champions received congratulations from the First Lady in the presence of the Director general for Sports, Armando Ndemesogo Esono, and the directors of Sampaka.

It was a great day for mental health in our country, as it was an unprecedented occurrence in the history of Equatoguinean sport. In the euphoria of this unprecedented achievement, the godmother of the most vulnerable layers of society proposed the construction of sporting infrastructures in the centre of Sampaka, so that the mentally ill can do more sport.

The Special Olympic Games involves the participation of 197 countries and 7,000 athletes. Equatorial Guinea took part with four, and they were all victorious in their first world experience.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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