Contribution by Equatorial Guinea to Global Fight against Climate Change

The Ministry for Agriculture, Forests and the Environment, together with the United Nations Organisation for Food and Agriculture (FAO), opened on Thursday 7th February an institutional event at Hotel Anda China, regarding a reaffirmation against climate change and the promotion of green development. They also launched three new projects.

The ceremony was overseen by the Minister for Agriculture, Nicolas Houtonji Acapo, with the participation of many institutions, experts and representatives from civic society who are collaborating.

Speeches were heard from the FAO representative and the Minister for Agriculture, who focussed their addresses on climate change and the progress achieved in our country in order to mitigate it.

They also presented the launch three new projects: Preparatory support for the effective participation by Equatorial Guinea in the Green Climate Fund (GCF); preparatory support from the GCF for the Designated National Authority (DNA) in Equatorial Guinea in the initial phases of REDD+, and the Formulation of the FMMA/GEF project and Community Promotion of Forestry management to mitigate climate change and support measures for life in Equatorial Guinea.

All these projects aspire to positive influence in the development of a country, facilitating the reduction of economic dependence on fossil fuels and promoting low-emission development which is resistant to climate.

Other activities carried out during the day covered results achieved by the PNI REDDO project and the processes forecast for 2019, and presentations by the various assigned groups.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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