Coordination meeting at Ministry for Information

The executive board from the Ministry for Information, Press and Radio, led by its head, Eugenio Nze Obiang, met to coordinate and create working teams to guarantee media cover of the electoral campaign prior to the election of representatives for the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, and Municipalities 2017.

The meeting, which took place in the meeting room at Equatorial Guinea Television (TVGE), served as an opportunity for the minister Nze Obiang to praise the work carried out by personnel from all areas within the department, from the control centre to the correspondents in provincial capitals.

Among the matters covered was the composition and assignation of teams of reporters from across state media, in order to report immediately and responsibly on activities of the officially established political parties, before, during and after the electoral campaign.

According to the Minister for Information, “this meeting has the aim of dealing with the media cover we have to provide during the electoral campaign, which will begin on 27th October this year, according to the electoral calendar drawn up by the Ministry for the Interior and Local Corporations. We must provide our viewers with up-to-date news on all the officially-recognised political parties in our country”.

Nze Obiang revealed that TVGE will be the epicentre of the campaign programming, where representatives from the national political spectrum will be interviewed, both on and off the set, in order to cover matters related to the activities they are carrying out.

From 27th October to 15th November 2017, the state press will have to focus its attention on the campaign, given that the programming of the media, during the process, will undergo numerous changes, in order to be able to cover all the activities carried out in all the districts and main provincial capitals throughout the nation”, he added.

The production of advertisements; information sheets; radio slots; panel shows and radio, written press and television interviews were some of the other matters covered during the meeting.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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