Coordination meeting for Ministry for Information on Continental Region

The Minister for Information, Press and Radio, Eugenio Nze Obiang, accompanied by the Vice-Minister, Virgilio Seriche, the General Secretary, Santos Oba Obama, together with the special adviser, met all the officials at the ministerial department in Bata on Monday 15th July.

At the meeting, held in the meeting room at the Regional Information Office, Eugenio Nze Obiang outlined the reasons for the meeting: to provide a moral boost to the officials so that they continue to work as they have been, as the action plan requires monitoring at all times, both by personnel from the insular part of the country, and the continental part.

This work is for everyone, from the minister to the last official, everyone has to perform this task punctually, with discipline, with respect for the hierarchy, and also with a knowledge of the laws that govern the administration, such as the Law on State Civil Servants, the Law on the Regime of the General State Administration, and the Law on Administrative Procedure. As a consequence, any official who does not comply with or know these laws, cannot be freed from their responsibilities”, said the minister.

Nze Obiang also reported on the transfer of the Government to the Continental Region, particularly to Bata, and he encouraged them and urged them to redouble efforts, in order that everyone was ready to respond to all manner of media demands.

Furthermore, both the Vice-Minister and the General Secretary agreed on advising those present to work with professional pride and in a collective manner, given that journalism had always been collective, to respect the hierarchy, punctuality in their posts, and good appearance, with respect to clothing.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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