Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19): Weekly Epidemiological Update (30 August 2020)

Data as received by WHO from national authorities, as of 10 am CEST 30 August 2020 For the latest data and information on COVID-19, please see:
• WHO COVID-19 Dashboard
• Rolling updates on COVID-19
• WHO COVID-19 Weekly Operational Update
Global epidemiological situation Over 1.8 million new COVID-19 cases and 38 000 new deaths were reported to WHO in the week ending 30 August, a 1% increase in the number of cases and 3% decrease in the number of deaths compared to the previous week (17 to 23 August) (Figure 1). A cumulative total of nearly 25 million cases and 800 000 deaths have been reported since the start of the outbreak.
Overall, the Region of the Americas continues to carry the highest burden of COVID-19 globally, accounting for nearly half of all new cases reported in the past seven days, although within the region there have been slight decreases in new cases and deaths in the past week. The WHO South East Asia Region showed the highest rise in new cases in the past week, with over 500,000 new cases reported. In the European Region, new cases and new deaths have continued to increase over the past seven days compared to the previous week. Along with the Region of the Americas, the percentage change in new cases in Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean, and Western Pacific Regions have all declined compared with last week.

Source: World Health Organization

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