Course for journalists on children’s rights

The Director of Radio and Television, Faustino Federico Nze Nguema, oversaw the opening of a training course for journalists and technicians from radio and television broadcasters, in the name and representation of the Regional Delegate for Information, Press and Radio.

he opening ceremony, which took place at the regional delegation of this institution in Bata, was attended by the director of the IEC/Abogacia project, Eliseo Sima Obiang Ava, and the Communications Officer representing UNICEF, Felipe Esono Krohnert, who reported that the course in question would deal with the creation of guidelines for the production of programmes on children’s rights in Equatorial Guinea.

Nze Mguema, in his opening speech, invited those on the course to take full advantage of the knowledge they would be given.

The mission of this child support ONG is to promote their rights and spread information to the Equatoguinean population through radio and television programmes, designed in particular for parents, as was pointed out by Felipe Esono, while thanking the Minister for Information, Press and Radio for his support and collaboration regarding this project.

The course programme will be given in two daily sessions, morning and afternoon, over five days, and will end on Friday 21st April.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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