CPLP to support Equatorial Guinea with learning of Portuguese

The International Institute of the Portuguese Language (IIIP), with its headquarters in Cape Verde, is preparing to promote the Portuguese language in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

The negotiations took place in Portugal, within the framework of the audience held between the accredited Equatoguinean Ambassador before the CPLP, Tito Mba Ada, and the new Director of the International Institute of the Portuguese Language (IIIP), Incanha Intumbo, in the presence of advisers from the embassy, Arsenio Moro and Moises Mba Sima Nchama, among others.

It is a multi-sector project that aims to provide a response to the demand for the learning of Portuguese in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, through the organisation of intensive courses aimed at various groups of teachers, waiters, officials from various departments, parliamentarians, judicial staff, and summer courses for students. To do this, a technical mission will soon visit our country to present the project to he Government.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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