Cuban Ambassador speaks on importance of African Day

The 25th May is the 56th anniversary of the creation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU), which became the current African Union (AU). To commemorate this event, the Ambassador from the Republic of Cuba to Equatorial Guinea, Rodobaldo RaA�l Isasi, in an interview with reporters from, spoke about the importance of the event.

The ambassador recalled the celebration of this event in July 2002, with the main aim of overseeing compliance with the key interests of the African continent, based on peace, solidarity and mutual cooperation.

This is an important commemoration for the whole of Africa and beyond, as recognised by the United Nations, as a paradigm of the multilateral system, which ratified the role to be played in the international arena by African countries, as players with full rights, whose voices have been felt in on all possible stages, aimed at compliance with the precepts included in the United Nations Charter and those resolutions and acts that ratify its legitimacy to act in favour of peace and development”, said the Ambassador.

He also reaffirmed the fact that for Cuba the celebration of this date is appropriate, as a result of the diverse historic links uniting Cuba with Africa and the African Union; a reality that is fully recognised by governments, parties and peoples in the region, which assume relations with Cuba as a sovereign act made stronger by all the actions deployed together in favour of our emancipation, in favour of peace, solidarity and cooperation with mutual benefit, supported by South-South cooperation, which continues to be a pillar.

In this context, Equatorial Guinea is making efforts to move progress forward in the country and for its citizens, in the same way as is appreciated its relentless international effort in favour of integration and cooperation, under the principles of the United Nations Charter, and now inspired by the Horizonte 2035 national programme and Africa 2063 from the African Union”.

The Cuban diplomat also criticised the economic embargo that Cuba is suffering, and the resurgence of the blockade, and affirmed that the international community is already reacting against this, as the embargo puts at risk the basic rules of the operation of free trade, investment and multilateralism, covered by the United Nations System.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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