Debates on the Draft Law on the Legal System

A government delegation led by Minister of State for the Presidency for Parliamentary Relations and Legal Affairs, Angel Mesie Mibuy, appeared on Monday, February 16, in the Senate, to give explanations on the Draft Law of the Legal System of the General State Administration.

With the aim of providing relevant explanations to questions raised during the discussions of the review at the second reading of the Draft Law of the General State Administration Legal System, a government delegation led by the Minister of State of the Presidency for Parliamentary Relations and Legal Affairs, Angel Mesie Mibuy, seconded by the Delegate Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, Baltasar Esono Eworo; the Vice Minister of Justice, Religious Affairs and Penitentiary Institutions, Antonio Pascual Eko Ebobo, and the Counselor to the Government Presidency for Administrative Affairs, Angel Ndong Micha, appeared in the Senate, at the request of the Commission of Government, Local Government and Civil Service, in charge of the study and analysis of the cited document.

On February 16, members of this committee, chaired by Angel Seraphim Seriche Dougan Malabo, received explanations from the Government delegation on the issues raised in the discussions on the draft law, some articles of the chapters reviewed by the committee, as well as title two of the Central Administration, dealing with the powers of those higher bodies in the fifth section, which, in turn, discusses the delegate committees of the Government and the sixth section on the Secretariat of the Government.

The Senators also debated Chapter Three, regarding the members of the Government, the Ministers and their responsibilities; followed by Chapter Four on the cabinets, subdivided in the first section of Support Cabinets and the second on the Interprofessional Technical Cabinets.

Regarding powers, the draft law, among other things, recognizes that they are members of the Government, along with the President of the Republic, the Vice President; the Prime Minister; the Deputy Prime Ministers; Ministers of State; Ministers; Delegate Ministers, Vice Ministers and Secretaries of State, and the Ministers that are heads of department, whose competence and responsibility are found in the specific area of their performance, and are called to carry out Government action.

The amendments and corrections to improve and enrich this draft law will be introduced in the minutes and final ruling that the Government commission will present to the full Senate for approval, if applicable.

Text: Pilar Cecilia Ayecaba Ndong (D. G. Base Internet)
Photos: Senate Press Office

Equatorial Guinea’s Press and Information Office

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