Declaration by Government Delegate in Malabo on tour of urban and outlying areas

The Government Delegate in Malabo, Faustino Edu Micha, has spoken to reporters from the Government’s Institutional Web Page,, on the information tour that has been taking place for three weeks to village councils and neighbourhood communities in the district of Malabo. The tour is looking at two important points; the preparation, organisation and coordination of activities for the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of National Independence, and the restructuring of the executive of lesser local bodies.

Faustino Edu Micha indicated that the District of Malabo is going to host the celebration of the anniversary and, as a consequence, in his capacity as Government Delegate “I have the obligation to tell all those residents in the people’s councils and neighbourhood communities about the preparations, such as cleaning, the painting of buildings, the elimination shanty towns”, among others.

The Government Delegate also said that it was three years since the executives of the lesser local bodies had been restructured. This was necessary to cover the vacancies of some presidents who have passed away or changed their addresses.

In addition, he said that the tour was covering both the urban area of Malabo and the outskirts, and some deficiencies were being discovered, such as those regarding the grassroots structures of the people’s councils and neighbourhood communities, as many of them are obsolete.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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