Declaration of condemnation and repulsion against the new attempt at national destabilization

The General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, in the name of and representing all the militants and leaders in the party, fully condemns the new coup attempt against our country, and praises the Forces of State Security, with special reference to the Security Forces from the Brother Republic of Cameroon.

Malabo, 3rd January 2018

After having received, at the National Office of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, the Communique issued by the Ministry for National Security on 2nd January, on the frustration of a new attempt at a mercenary invasion in Equatorial Guinea, by a group of criminals infiltrating Ebibeyin, Mongomo, Bata and Malabo, the aim of which was to remove the Current Regime on 24th December, together with the means used in collaboration with the Forces of State Security from Cameroon in order to dismantle this coup attempt with the detention of its leaders and the capture of a large cache of military material in their possession.

As a consequence, and as General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, in the name and representation of the Leaders and Members of all the Bodies, structures, Militants and Sympathisers of this Political Grouping, I express, firstly, the strongest and most resounding condemnation and repulsion of this act carried out by enemies of the Equatoguinean people.

Furthermore, we express our most heart-felt and sincere recognition, gratitude and decisive support to the Security Services of the Equatoguinean State and the cooperation in intelligence and solidarity maintained with other Security Services from our African Community, with special reference on this occasion to the Security Services from the Brother Republic of Cameroon, for the excellent work carried out to deactivate such a beastly coup attempt, thus preventing bloody national and subregional tragedy, while we urge them to continue with this attitude of permanent combat against the detractors of peace and progressive development among our Peoples.

We call on the Government of the Equatoguinean Nation in the strongest terms to take all the measures necessary on order to bring the full weight of the Law down on the leaders of these deeds. Our renewed and incessant commitment places us always on the side of Our Distinguished Leader Brother Militant OBIANG NHUEMA MBASOGO, and we remain ever vigilant for any figure or deed acting against the Sovereign State Security of Equatorial Guinea; as such, we express our absolute willingness to work and collaborate ceaselessly with the State Security Forces, in order to denounce any situation which places at risk or under threat our peaceful coexistence, the protection of which is that of constructing An Always Progressively Better Equatorial Guinea.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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