Declarations by Ambassador Chen Guoyou after Boao Forum

Following the recent celebration of the Annual Conference of the Boao Forum for Asia (FBA) on the island province of Hainan, the People’s Republic of China Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, replied to various questions on the development and growth of his country, in an interview we are publishing below.

At the opening of the conference, the President of China, H. E. Xi Jinping, gave an important speech in which he mentioned that the People’s Republic of China had now been implementing its policy of reform and opening for 40 years.

– What are the important results of the development that China has achieved during this process?

-Through 40 years of reform and opening not only has the destiny of China and its people changed dramatically, but we have set out the road to socialism in a particular Chinese manner. China has become the second largest economy in the world, the largest industrial country, the first trading nation with respect to goods, and the country with the largest currency reserve. I the last 40 years, the GDP in China has grown at an average rate of 9.5%, and the increase in Chinese foreign trade has reached an annual average of 14.5%. According to current UN standards, over 700 million Chinese have successfully emerged from poverty, meaning a reduction in world poverty of 70% during the same period.

China has made a significant contribution to the fight against the financial crisis, providing more than 30% to global economic growth. It has become the main engine and stabiliser for global growth, which promoting the noble cause of peace and development for humanity”.

– Where will China-Equatorial Guinea cooperation lead with a more open China?

-the reform and opening of China has injected strong impetus into China-Equatorial Guinea cooperation. Through the establishment of the Integrated Cooperation between China and Equatorial Guinea Association, bilateral cooperation has seen accelerated expansion, transforming Equatorial Guinea into one of the most important partners for China in Africa. In 2016, the Thousand Talents Training Programme was successfully launched, in part sponsored by China, which consists in training approximately 200 talents in various areas every year for Equatorial Guinea in the 2016-2020 period. They also began construction on the Equatorial Guinea Occupational-Professional Training School, donated by China, which will become the centre for the preparation of the human resources necessary for the development of Equatorial Guinea. Cooperation between China and Equatorial Guinea is an example of South-South cooperation.

We share a deep traditional friendship and the outlook for cooperation in infrastructure, energy, industries, the construction of the neighbouring economic area with the port and other areas are extensive. Starting out from a policy of sincerity, honesty and frankness through the platforms of the Belt and the Route, and the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, the Chinese party is prepared to jointly explore cooperation with Equatorial Guinea, expanding investment in the productive sector and increasing cultural and educational exchanges, with the aim of consolidating and deepening our friendly relations”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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