Declarations by Minister for Information to mark International Free Press Day

The Minister for Information, Press and Radio, Eugenio Nze Obiang made statements to the TVGE television channels, Asonga and the Equatorial Guinea Institutional Web Page, to mark International Free Press Day.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea, just as in other countries throughout the world, celebrated on 3rd May a day which provides the opportunity to evaluate the free press on an international level; to defend the media from attacks against its independence, and to pay homage to journalists who have lost their lives while doing their jobs.

Within this context, the Minister for Information granted an exclusive interview to TVGE, Asonga and the Institutional Web Page, in which he firstly highlighted the importance if this day as a day of reflection for all those who carry out the work of providing information to feed national and international public opinion, with due veracity and objectivity in relation to the achievements attained by the Government.

With respect to the modernisation of the media, Nze Obiang paid special attention to the uncensored authorisation for the publication if over a dozen private newspapers and magazines in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, which fully reflects the authenticity of the pluralist democratic process in progress in our country, in which freedom to worship, information and the free expression of opinions is paramount.

Finally, the minister, before congratulating professionals from public and private radio, television and the written press, gave them a message of encouragement so that they might be more united and more impartial in carrying out their work, in order to uphold the trust of the administration and the gratitude of the population.

This annual celebration consists in the strengthening and consolidation if the current position of Equatorial Guinea, as a benchmark nation on the road towards more peaceful, fair and inclusive societies throughout the world.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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