Decree naming Senior Officials and Associates

Decree number 143/2019, of 31st October, ordering the appointment of Senior Officials and Associates at the Ministry for Education, University Teaching and Sports.

1.- General Secretary Armando Ndemesogo Esono.

2.- Director General for Infant and Primary Teaching, and Literacy, Alfonso Alogo Ndong Ayang.

3.- Director General for Educational Planning and Development, Antonio Eneme Asumu.

4.- Director General for Secondary Education, JesA�s Javier Masie Nguema.

5.- Director General for Educational and Sports Infrastructures, Celestina Biye Mbomio Mokuy.

6.- Director General for Higher and University Teaching, Pergentino Esangui Ondo.

7.- Director General for Youth and Sports, Ambrosio Mba Fadipe.

8.- Director General for Professional Technical Training, Bernardo Ela Asumu.

9.- Director General for Sports Medicine and Anti-doping, Galo Ela Nse Bilogo.

10.- Director General for Protocol of the First Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Education, University Teaching and Sports, Andres Ondo Abaga.

11.- Regional Delegate from the Ministry for Education, University Teaching and Sports, Marcos Ebana Nsue.

12.- Regional Inspector for Education in the Continental Region, Antimo Biyang Mba.

I thus order through this Decree, issued in Malabo on the thirty-first day of the month of October, two thousand and nineteen.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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