Delegation from Kuwaiti Fund visits Punta Europa

During its stay on Equatoguinean soil, a commission from the Kuwaiti Fund, led by Sound Energy, had the opportunity to visit the Republic of Equatorial Guinea hydrocarbons production complex at Punta Europa. The areas visited were the CNG, AMPCO, Marathon Oil and EG-LNG plants.

On 14th July, the delegation, led by Sound Energy, went to the national crude production facilities at Punta Europa, with the aim one reporting on the operations, productivity, distribution and sale of the end product created in the complex.

The itinerary began with a a visit to the CNG plant, which transforms gas into fuel destined for vehicles. The delegation was received by an Equatoguinean delegation led by the Director General for State Companies from the Ministry for Mines and Hydrocarbons, Cesar Augusto Hinestrosa Gomez, where the visitors found out about its operations.

The second visit took place at the facilities of the Atlantic Methanol Production Company (AMPCO) plant, where the Kuwaiti delegation found out about the operations and daily productivity of the plant, reaching around three thousand tons of methanol.

The Marathon Oil Corporation facilities was the next stop on the tour, the most important as it extracts its products from the Alba drilling field, and has the largest platform installed within our territorial waters.

At the Equatorial Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas (EG-LNG) company production facilities for liquid natural gas, engineers explained to the Kuwaitis the reasons why the company is one of the most important in the subregion and in the whole of Africa.

Today, EG-LNG has a advanced system of operational and safety control, exceeding four million working hours without an incident. In addition, the company boasts having the only suspension bridge in the world for the loading of oil tankers.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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