Delegation from UNICEF Italian Committee visits Equatorial Guinea

On Monday 10th September, the UNICEF Italian Committee and the UNICEF Office in Equatorial Guinea, led by its representative, Antero Almeida de Pina, agreed that our country will be represented on the project of the Mozart Music Academy, located at the Equatoguinean Cultural Centre in Malabo which is supported by UNICEF and the Ministry for Culture, in order to take part in the final gala of an Italian television programme (RAI) known as Prodigi, planned for 6th November 2018. The Italian television programme awards prizes to musically talented children and young people.

The UNICEF Italian Committee has a 45-minute space on the television programme to present the work of UNICEF throughout the world and promote donations. In 2017, the committee invited projects by UNICEF in Nigeria, Brazil and Syria, and managed to attract more than a million Euro; part of the funds served to support UNICEF projects in these countries. The aim of the committee is to repeat and improve this project.

After learning of the existence of the Equatorial Guinea Project Mozart and the talent of national artists, among them Nelida Karr, head of the Mozart Academy, it will represent our country and will be an opportunity to get to know artistic talents from the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

As part of the preparations for the event, a delegation from the UNICEF Italian Committee is in our country from 9th to 12th September. The delegation is being led by Geppi Cucciari, one of the most popular artists in Italy and Goodwill Ambassador for the committee. During his stay in our country he will have interviews with Equatoguinean authorities in order to learn first hand about UNICEF activities.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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