Delivery of the office of the mayor of the Urban District Number 5 of Malabo

The delegate of the Urban District Number 5 of Malabo, in the Santa Maria District, Baltasar Nguema Ondo, presided on the morning of Wednesday, December 13, the delivery of office between the outgoing mayor, Fernando IAieso and the incoming, Quintiliano Obiang Nkulu. During the act has also been presented to the new councilors.

After the signing of the act, the outgoing mayor, besides thanking the trust that the PDGE party has placed in his person for four years, has also offered his support to the new mayor, and has recognized that the changes are for the continuity of the action of the government.

While the entrant, Quintiliano Obiang Nkulu, has thanked the trust placed in him for this responsibility; At the same time he has promised to create an internal regulation and the allocation of tasks for the officials.

For his part, the Government Delegate, Baltasar Nguema Ondo, congratulated the mayors, both outgoing and incoming, while acknowledging the problems of crime affecting the neighborhood: ” Crime is one of the issues that affect to this community, changes do not mean that one has not worked well, but that they obey the need to energize and strengthen the Government’s work. “

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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