Deputy Foreign Minister receives AU International Law Commission

Since Saturday 25th March, a delegation from the African Union (AU) International Law Commission, led by its president, Sebastiao Da Silva Isata, has been in Malabo. The aim of this visit is to contribute towards progressive development, systematisation and codification of International Law, and in particular African and AU International Law.

On Monday 27th March, the Deputy Minister from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Salomon Nfa Ndong, received in his office at the ministerial headquarters the delegation from the International Law Commission, led by Sebastiao Da Silva Isata, and including the General Secretary, Abdi Ismael Hersi.

One of the reasons for the visit was to analyse constitutionalism in African countries, taking into account its fragile nature. Its president, in declarations to the press following his audience with the deputy minister, outlined other objectives:

“We have a responsibility to carry out various studies on questions of a legal nature in Africa; we explained to the deputy minister that we are carrying out various studies of interest to our continent in the field of law regarding African integration; and we have come to Equatorial Guinea to see first-hand the legal systems in various African economic communities. We are also carrying out an important study in the field of Constitutional and Comparative Law in Africa, in order to look at constitutionalism in African countries, so that we might understand the experiences in all countries and see to what extent we can improve. We have also come to receive pointers based on the particular experience of the great sage, President H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, and to get his advice. Equatorial Guinea has always contributed, alongside its President, to Pan-African causes, not only on the continent, but also in supporting countries in the Third World”.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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