Deputy General Secretary travels to People’s Republic of China

A senior delegation from the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, led by the Deputy General Secretary, Jesusa Obona Engono Nchama, and made up of 30 militants, has gone to the Asian country. The mission is made up of presidents of the district councils, departmental heads, members of the specialist organisations, and staff from the National Office.

The PDGE delegation, on arrival, was received by Pan Mingtao, Adviser from the International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC), together with members of the accredited Equatorial Guinea diplomatic corps in the country, led by the Ambassador, German Ekua Sima, together with the First Secretary, Camilo Ochaga, and the military attache, Santiago Mauro.

The exchange of first impressions took place at the Pavilion of Honour at the capital’s airport, where they looked at matters of bilateral interest with a healthy desire to continue to promote the excellent relations of friendship and cooperation uniting the two governing political groupings from Equatorial Guinea and China.

Pan Mingtao welcomed the fact that the Equatoguinean delegation had accepted the invitation, as this consolidates the trust between the PDGE and the CPC. For his part, the Deputy General Secretary, in his speech, passed on the greeting and congratulations of the President of the Republic, Head of State and the Government, and President of the PDGE, H. E. Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to his counterpart, H. E. Xi Jinping, on his re-election.

Obono Engono Nchama highlighted the fact that the development enjoyed today by Equatorial Guinea, on an infrastructures level, is thanks to the tenders of Chinese companies, and the excellent relations between the two parties, which constitutes an excellent climate for relations of cooperation for the mutual benefit of Equatorial Guinea and the People’s Republic of China.

The Deputy General Secretary praised the programme of activities which, to mark this visit, has been drawn up by the CPC International Department. Along those lines he stressed that the days of activities planned were going to allow senior members of the National Office not only to get to know the CPC philosophy, but the strengthen their capacities to better carry out activities which move the masses.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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