Deputy Interior Minister meets Malabo taxi drivers

Last weekend, the Deputy Minister from the Ministry for the Interior and Local Corporations, Marcelino Asumu Nsue Okomo, met taxi drivers from Malabo to report on the criteria and provisions adopted by the Government regarding the documentation for personal vehicles or public service vehicles.

The aim of the meeting was to inform taxi drivers regarding the documents they require, both for the drivers and the cars being used as taxis, in order to establish some control over the situations which occur daily in the city. This task is easy to carry out when the cars have the required documentation.

The Deputy Interior Minister insisted that there is no country in the world where vehicles may be driven without the necessary documentation: This is the situation we wish to bring to an end.

The General Directorate for Traffic and Road Safety will require public service vehicles to have around eight documents, while private cars will need to have six. The director general also assured that any type of vehicle must have its papers in order: I do not understand why this leaves a bad impression on the public. It is the same for ministries, for example, if the driver of an official vehicle at a ministry infringes a regulation, then there must clearly be a penalty issued, which the driver must sign. Then, through the Ministry for the Interior, it is passed on to another ministry, to be applied to the driver”.

Asumu Nsue told those at the meeting that the ministry was not against taxi drivers, but that the aim is to support the sector, so that they an carry out their activities normally, respecting the legal regulations governing the General Council for Traffic.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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