Director General for Gender Equality attends FOHBAC Forum

The Director General for Gender Equality, Pastora Ntutumu Santalices, attended a forum in Brazzaville, in representation of the Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality.

This forum brought together many countries from Central Africa and Europe, with the mission to find out about the efforts deployed by governments in matters of gender equality.

“Reduce inequality between men and women” was the central theme of this FOHBAC forum, its eighth edition. It was attended by the IMF for Central Africa.

Ntutumu Santalices presented to the forum the achievements of the Government of Equatorial Guinea in matters of gender, recognising the efforts deployed daily by the First Lady, Constancia Mangue, in the fight against violence against women, and in the financing of women’s associations and groups.

This forum, which ran over five days and took place in the capital of the Republic of Congo, concluded with the transfer of the presidency of FOHBAC to Brazzaville, in the presence of all the attending delegations.

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea received an award for the efforts and great work done by both the Government and the First Lady in the fight against inequality between men and women.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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