Director of Secondary Education responds to the problem of university selection

The Director General of Secondary Education, Acacio Mba Ndong, was interviewed on 19th October by the national press, and answered questions on the problem of the results of the university selection tests, and strategies to adopt in order to obtain good results in the next set.

Mba Ndong expressed indignation after analysing the results of the university selection of June-September from the last course, and June-September of this course. Due to the poor results, he held a meeting with the heads of the private centres and teachers, in order to pass on instructions on how to evaluate and subsequently select the students.

The Director General for Education has provided a reasonable period of time for those responsible to prepare a plan to improve the situation. Thus, on Friday 27th, they will meet again and study a document for teachers at this level of the baccalaureate.

Teachers are not following the programme designed by the Ministry for Education, and for that reason the results in the tests are so negative, said Mba Ndong.

The director concluded by calling on the responsibility of teachers and parents, so that they get involved in the teaching of their children.

Source: Official Web Page of the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

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