Donation by First Lady for Santiago Apostol festivities

The Honorary mayoress of the Urban District of Mitom, Constancia Mangue de Obiang, sent provisions on Wednesday 24th July, to mark the occasion of the feast of Santiago Apostol, on 25th July.

The First Lady’s Director General for Press, Benjamin Mangue Micha, was sent to represent the First Lady of the Nation at the presentation ceremony for the food, valued at one million Franco CFA.

“Due to her busy schedule, the First Lady cannot attend the festivities, but she has sent us this food so that you can celebrate the feast of Santiago Apostol with jubilation and joy, on 25th July”, said Mangue Micha to the residents of the urban district of Mitom, in the presence of the Government Delegate from the municipality of Mbini, Ambrosio Nze Nfumu.

The residents from the district received with surprise, satisfaction and gratitude this gesture from the Honorary Mayoress, because they declared that this donation filled them with satisfaction.

“Our deepest thanks to our Beloved Mother”, declared a Mitom representative.

This is the first action taken by Mangue de Obiang since she moved to Rio Muni, in the Continental Region of the country, on 22nd July.

Furthermore, the feast of Santiago Apostol is celebrated in many towns in Equatorial Guinea, including, Luba, Baney, Bata, Comandachina, Ekuku, Akoakam and the Urban District of Mitom.

Source: Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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