Doume authorities seize plantains over ripening chemical concerns

The Divisional Officer (DO) in Doume has seized a significant amount of plantains from local farmers suspected of using banned chemicals to accelerate ripening.

The exact quantity of seized plantains remains unclear, but reports suggest multiple truckloads were confiscated. Authorities are concerned about the potential health risks associated with consuming plantains ripened using these chemicals.

‘I am committed to ensuring the safety of our food supply,’ said Doume DO. ‘The use of unauthorized chemicals in agriculture is a serious public health concern.’

The specific chemicals involved and the number of affected farmers haven’t been disclosed yet. However, this incident raises several questions.

The DO of Doume released a more detailed statement regarding the confiscated plantains. He told State media that fomol and other chemicals were used. He called some boys to destroy the plantains with the farmers promising that they will neve ruse chemicals again.

Source: Cameroon News Agency